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An obstacle horse is one that has training and the ability to perform tasks or maneuvers as directed by a rider or handler.  Obstacle Horses have confidence in working with and around a large variety of both natural and man-made objects both familiar and un-familiar, regardless of the surrounding environment or distractions.  

In order to perform successfully in obstacle disciplines, the obstacle horse must be proficient in all foundation maneuvers such as forward motion in all gates, stopping, side-pass, yielding shoulders and hind-quarters, and backing. The obstacle horse is willing, confident, thoughtful, agile, sure-footed, and accepting of leadership. The obstacle horse is skilled in approaching unknown situations with thoughtful consideration towards being calm, careful, and safe.

Obstacle Horse Training can be a foundation for other disciplines. Through this type of work, rider and horse gain a better understanding of balance, body-mechanics, problem solving, and horse/human communication.

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